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We live up to our title. We're all about Aesthetics.

Communicating visually is everything in this day and age, especially for business. We believe that from elegant business cards to beautifully cinematic 4K advertisements the same attention to detail should be applied.

Are you an individual? A public Figure? Branding is incredibly important. Music videos, social media, photography, web design are all just some of the examples that come into play to benefit your brand, that's where we come in.


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Shanna May

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Shanna May

Truthfully I've been doing what aesthetics offers for around 6 years on my main website, but as things have grown and my skills expanded, I knew it was time to launch a separate entity. Film and design have been apart of my life since I was a kid. In the 90s I'd go through a ream of paper a day doodling comics, and sketching advertisements for The Simpsons, Nintendo & Coke. I'd used friends cameras before for filming in school, but when I got my hands on my dads NEC phone, it was the first device I could use to film whenever I liked. Everyday I'd film with friends at school and edit them in movie maker on the family computer. As I got older and realised I could take my skills further, I immersed myself in Fine Art, 3D Design & Graphic Communication courses at college, attaining qualifications in all three subjects.

At 17 I founded to display work, talk about the process and sell products and services to people. I'd always uploaded videos to YouTube privately but when I was 18 I decided to go public with time lapse art videos to help bolster my website, the original channel attained 450,000 views. In 2011 I flew to Los Angeles on my own to attend VidCon where I met with a huge online creative community, it was then I decided to step up my game. I spent long hours developing my editing skills in After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Cinema 4D and 3DS Max. Upgrading my equipment to professional DSLR cameras, GoPros and 4k cameras so I could always keep up with the current industry standards.

I began working in a marketing department at age 21 for one of the largest car companies in the country. Social media management, creating professional video content of the vehicles and showrooms, creating design work for newspapers, magazines, billboards, posters etc. Dealing with marketing for Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Renault, Dacia, DAF, Vauxhall and Volvo means I've learned different branding styles and how to aim at target demographics depending on vehicle.

After signing with Fullscreen Inc in 2012, I created three YouTube channels. The Artful Studios, a time-lapse art channel similar to my original channel TheArtfulShow but with more of a cinematic feel to it. ShannaMayTV, a channel dedicated to cinematography, world travel, VFX and short films. GeeksLifeStyle, a geek culture channel with a focus on the gaming industry, events, retro items, and creating short VFX films based on popular nerd culture.

Shanna May

Graphic Design

Comic Sans walks into a bar. The Bartender says, "We don't serve your type here!"

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What if god is an editor, and is still trying to "Fix it in post"...


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VFX & Motion Graphics


Why did the marketer get off the trampoline?
He was worried about his bounce rate


With 7 years marketing experience under my belt, and 2.5 years in the marketing / e-commerce department for one of the largest car & truck groups in the United Kingdom, I'm confident in implementing those skills for projects with Aesthetics. Marketing can make or break the success of a project, never overlook it.


The wonderful world of advertising changes almost constantly, especially with the emergence of online media. Understanding Analytics, adwords, social media ad campaigns, promoted videos and email campaigns along with traditional advertising (Newspapers, billboards, magazines & radio play) is key. We've got it covered.

Social Media

Social media doesn't just help promote brands, in this day and age, it creates them. It's the most important aspect of marketing by far that many companies still don't take advantage of. Whether it's running ad campaigns or building a social media following, we've got it covered.


Adwords is important, however Search Engine Optimization will always play a key role in getting into google. Fully optimizing your online content such as YouTube videos, photography, products ect as well as your website can change your business completely.